The Catholic University of America

Catholic University Wordmark and Logos

The Catholic University of America logo may only be reproduced in the sizes, formats and colors specified in the logo guidelines below. No distortions and/or additional images or text are permitted. The logo should only be used for purposes, events and publications that relate to The Catholic University of America. No use is permitted other than that explicitly authorized, and no release is permitted to any other third party without the expressed, written permission of Catholic University's Office of Marketing and Communications. Examples of acceptable uses include university publications, banners and memorabilia; university-related functions with partnering organizations; and external publications referring to the university.

Follow the instructions below regarding the best format for the media: .gif for digital applications; .tif for laser or inkjet printing; .eps for professional quality printing. Technical information is also provided below that may prove helpful to the vendor with whom you are working. As each logo and wordmark comes in all three formats, you have maximum flexibility to choose the logo or wordmark that suits the layout of your job. Each of the wordmark or logo variations is acceptable; there is no one preferred version. For advice on the most effective placement of the logo, feel free to contact one of our designers.

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.GIF Format Logo Instructions

  • Use for Web, PowerPoint or other digital-only applications.
  • The gifs are made intentionally large and can be sized down in the application.
  • To maintain image quality, do not enlarge beyond 100 percent.

.TIF Format Logo Instructions

  • Suitable for laser or inkjet printing.
  • These are large grayscale or RBG files at 300 dpi.
  • To maintain image quality, do not enlarge beyond 100 percent.

.EPS Format Logo Instructions

  • Suitable for professional printing.
  • These are large grayscale, Pantone or CMYK logos. They are in vector format.


1-color Shield
gif | tif | eps 
2-color Shield
gif | tif | eps 
4-color Shield
gif | tif | eps 

1-color stacked CUA logo
2-color stacked CUA logo
4-color stacked CUA logo

1-color centered stacked CUA logo
2-color centered stacked CUA logo
4-color centered stacked CUA logo